About John Conde

Moving Forward

John Conde is an experienced PHP web developer who builds websites to scale and to meet usability, accessibility, and web standards. From brochure sites to fully developed ecommerce websites, his emphasis is in creating websites that perform at the highest levels.

Over the last decade, John has had a hand in building over 200 websites. He has created numerous PHP ecommerce websites, optimized existing websites for increased sales, and removed existing security holes. He has also developed web applications ranging from internal office reporting tools to software securing a United States Army Fort.

John continually moves forward, gaining experience and expertise in one web technology and then tackling the next. As well as the core components of contemporary web development - HTML, XHTML, CSS, and PHP - John's skillset includes several other web disciplines. He is experienced in Object Oriented and Procedural PHP programming, MySQL and SQL, JavaScript for the Prototype and script.aculo.us libraries, SOAP, XML, JSON, and APIs. As new technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and mobile web development evolve you can be sure he will be at the forefront of those technologies continuing to move the Web forward.

Keeping in Step

If you frequent web dev forums, you may already know John by his screen name, "stymiee". John has authored several articles for SitePoint and is a past Team Leader of the Manage Your Site section of SitePoint Forums. The SEO FAQ and Google FAQ that John wrote are two of the most popular threads in the entire community. John is also active at Stack Exchange where he is a member of StackOverflow and a moderator at Pro Webmasters.

John is a certified Authorized.Net web developer who has integrated over 100 Authorize.Net APIs into ecommerce websites. An official Authorize.Net blogger, John's work in Authorize.Net earned him the honor of being the only web developer invited to participate in Authorize.Net's first webinar, held in December of 2011.

Giving Back

Although his expertise is well-earned, John sees that being a part of the Web, a system that has been world changing, is a privilege. As such, John is committed to freely passing on part of what he has learned.

Over six years, he helped establish thousands of merchant accounts in a variety of industries including retail, mail order, and Internet based. After publishing a variety of articles and tools that covered the fundamentals of merchant accounts and ecommerce, John developed (and still maintains) a free web application that helps small businesses find their best value in Merchant Account Services.

John has written several PHP classes for working with Authorize.Net's APIs and ported his most popular PHP class into the Python programming language. The release of these classes as open source code has resulted in their use by hundreds of developers in building ecommerce websites. They can also be found in popular open source frameworks such as Web2Py and popular commercial products such as the Agriya Clone Scripts.

The Ken Tietjen Memorial Foundation which helps disadvantaged kids get cool Christmas gifts like bicycles and PlayStations. John created an online form for submissions entry and validation and an administration system that manages and exports records in seconds. Before he did, reporting was a manual nightmare! From giving eleven bicycles in their first year the Ken Tietjen Memorial Foundation now gives gifts to over 1,000 children, partly because of work John did to simplify their record keeping. John also created tools that allow the foundation to instantly create fund raising event forms for any occasion, including a new comprehensive tool for their major fund raising event.

Last year the Ken Tietjen Memorial Foundation held their first Blue Valor Run where participants rode motorcycles from Ground Zero to Washington DC. In association with another charity, the event raised $100,000. However, they incurred numerous fees by using a third-party website to manage the donation process. John cloned that software and installed it on the foundation's website. This new application will likely save the Ken Tietjen Memorial Foundation thousands of dollars in fees every year.